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Welcome to the personal website
of W. Thad Adams, III

Entertaining Excursions into Intellectual Property is a savory assortment of professional insights to the fascinating world of intellectual property protection.

The site's host, W. Thad Adams, III, of Charlotte, North Carolina, researched and compiled the wide variety of material you'll find on this website while establishing himself as a patent, trademark and copyright attorneys in the Southeastern United States over the past 35 years.

ArbitrationAdams and his team are now part of the Intellectual Property practice group of Shumaker, Loop & Kendrick, LLP, which Adams, along with other attorneys and staff from Adams Intellectual Property Law, joined in 2011.

Adams specializes solely in patent, trademark and copyright law, and the related areas of unfair competition and trade secret law. Litigation and counseling in these practice areas have been a major part of his practice throughout his career.

With strategic legal counseling and tactical legal services ranging from mediation to aggressive court action, Adams has successfully protected intellectual property rights for a wide variety of clients — both large and small —including inventors on the small side to FortuneĀ 50 companies on the other extreme.

Adams has served as United States patent counsel for a large number of foreign corporations, many of whom have facilities in the Charlotte area. Many clients particularly value the assistance Adams provides both foreign and domestic companies and individuals in planning and executing overall patent and trademark strategy.

Machinery video

Most of Adams' domestic clients are located in the Southeastern United States. They are involved in many diverse areas of business and have included companies involved in the design and manufacture of textile machinery, hosiery and other apparel, filtration equipment, medical equipment and products, child safety products, power transmission equipment, jet engines, electronic controls, microprocessor-controlled audio and video equipment, flooring products, and aircraft passenger seating and related convenience and crew service equipment.

Adams has also represented advertising and public relations agencies, record producers, computer programming specialists, a nationwide photographic film processor, trucking companies, a large fiberglass processors, several restaurant chains, the owners the Charlotte Hornets NBA professional basketball team, the Charlotte Knights baseball franchise and several NASCAR racing teams.

Overall, approximately 50% of Adams' practice has involved international issues, and Adams maintains close relationships with overseas law firms and service suppliers.

Reported cases, litigation summaries and similar information can be accessed under the Adams Vitae menu above. Plus, published opinions in litigation matters handled by Adams are available upon request. Finally, Adams writes, edits and publishes a unique newsletter, Asymptote Review, which is available upon request without charge to anyone wishing a subscription. The Patently Different section of this website includes digital editions of many of the previously published editions of Asymptote Review.

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